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Hope Contest: And the winner is…

Myself and Beat Eisele are pleased to announce the winner of my Hope Contest: Johannes Siglär from Vienna (Austria) with his vision of “Hope”:

"Hope" © Johannes Siglär

"Hope" © Johannes Siglär

We felt that this image was the most intimate and subtle rendering of hope we recieved. There is so much to be read in the old man’s face. A technically and artistically great capture of the complexity that human emotions are! Congratulations Johannes!

What we didn’t know when we chose this image as the winner, is that it shows Johannes’ father and a very personal story of hope behind it. I’ll let Johannes explain in his own words:

“Several years ago, when my father suffered a stroke, hope got the dominant emotion for each and every one of us. We all had only one thought: that this incident may pass without consequences. Fate decided otherwise, our dreams didn’t come true. As a result life got challenging for my father, a permanent struggle with frustration gaining the upper hand. Yet still: from time to time, rarely, there’s a glimmer of hope, when a movement, a smile, a twinkle in his eyes calls to mind the echoes of times gone by. Having the opportunity to capture moments like this, when the joy of living surpasses everything else, is much more than I might expect from photography.”

While the image itself speaks volumes, knowing the story behind it makes it that much stronger and I’m very thankful that Johannes shared it with us!

Johannes says about himself that art in its many forms has always dominated his life. When time between his family and job became sparse, he traded his pencils and acrylics for a camera in order to fulfill his need for creativity in the few slots of free time that remain. Make sure to check out his Flickr and Blog to find more of his outstanding work in portraiture!

And of course a big thanx to all the other participants who sent in their vision of hope! Here are a few of the runners up:

"Hope" © àsìkò

"Hope" © àsìkò

Àsìkò’s interpretation is more of a conceptual nature drawing on different layers of religion and society. We liked it a lot because it is so different to most of the other submissions.

"Hope" @ Michaela Müller

"Hope" © Michaela Müller

Michaela’s submission yet again reflects a different facet of hope. While fishing seems a little superficial at fist glance, it actually draws on ancient, mostly christian concepts of hope and absolution.

Personally I think we should do this again. It’s a thrill to see what people come up with, when asked to deliver their own vision of a given theme!

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Contest: Show us your Hope!

A few days ago I launched a little contest here. To make sure that none of you miss out, I am making it official here (plus extending the deadline for a week). For my latest exhibition I created an image entitled “Hope”:

Now it’s your turn to show your vision of Hope! Here are the CONTEST Details:

  • Send your images to
  • Image size: no larger than 1000px
  • Image format: JPG
  • Entry Deadline: Friday Sept 10, 2010
  • Contest Jury: Beat Eisele and Nicolas Henri
  • Prizes: 10 runners up will be presented at this blog. The photographer of the best photographic vision of Hope will receive a signed print of my “Hope”.

I am really looking forward to your contributions. In the end all of us will win, when we see the many forms and visions of hope you can come up with!

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Hope (+Contest)

From time to time a good friend of mine has asked me about one of my images from my GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG show. He was referring to the image entitled HOFFNUNG (Hope), which was one of the main images of the exhibition. He asked why I hadn’t featured it in various photo communities across the net. It’s been on my website for a little while, but I haven’t shown it anywhere else thus far. I’m not sure why, as it was one of the images which spurred the most discussions among visitors. “Is he already dead? Or isn’t he? What is hopeful about it?” were some of the questions. So, thanks to my good friend Beat Eisele, here it is:

Now that I look at the picture again, I start to wonder what you would have come up with to visualize “Hope”? What are your hopes? How can you make them visible? I would love for you to join me in a little project: Send in your images, showing your vision of hope! Me and Beat will select the best 10 and show them here on the blog. The creator of the best image will receive a signed 7×11 inch print of my version of Hope! So please help us out, it will be great to see all the different views of Hope!

Send in your pictures as jpg, no larger than 1000px to

The contest will close on August 31st 2010!

Looking forward to seeing what you see!

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