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The Latest Roll

It’s Saturday morning. I’ve been extremely busy working on various film projects here. So not many things have been going on here on the blog. To be honest it will likely stay that way for a while. But every now and then I make a point of loading a roll of film and go for a little hike with the Hasselblad or the Mamiya (and hopefully soon the Voigtlaender Bessa III - new toy on my radar…). Doing so is like an old fashioned low-tech getaway. Clears my mind from the technically complex film productions I’m involved with these days. So if anything I’ll be posting the results here from time to time…

Like today. This is the latest roll of Fuji Neopan 400 out of the Hasselblad 500c/m. When I look at these it feels like they were taken in 1945 for some reason…

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Fahrenheit Magazine

As a nice little surprise I had a copy of Fahrenheit Magazine delivered the other day. It’s a Mexican magazine for contemporary art. For their special on Switzerland’s art scene, they chose one of my images as the cover:

They also wrote some nice things about my work inside the mag. At least I think they did, since I don’t know any Spanish. In case you do feel free to drop a translation - I’ll update the post with it.

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My Print Store… finally!

After several years of looking for a decent online solution, I am very happy to announce that my store is now online:

My focus is on print sales but images may also be licensed for use in magazines, ads, etc. To get started I released a selection of portrait and fashion shots, which you my fellow readers, have showed the most interest in over the years.

You may choose between two sizes and three different types of fine art paper and pay safely and secure via PayPal or credit card. I will receive your order instantly and get started with producing your print. That’s right: I will personally prepare your print, ensuring it fulfills my artistic vision and level of quality! Not only does this guarantee that you will receive a genuine Nicolas Henri print, it also shaves off quite a bit of the final price tag, compared to other services out there. Have look!

A while ago I tried as a service to sell prints, but it turned out that the process was slow and expensive for customers, because whitewall would do the printing and shipping and added quite a margin ontop of the base price. But thanks to the folks at, who developed the backend of my store, all these things have changed. Perfect visual integration with my main site and zero commission on sales, allowing me to offer prints at a great price!

I will be adding new images to the print store regularly, but if you are missing an image of mine you saw elsewhere, just drop me a line and I’ll add it for you!

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