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Today I feel like new things need to begin, so it seems more than appropriate to present another one from the series GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG (Faith, Love, Hope). It is entitled GEBURT (Birth).

Chantal, our six year old model for this image, was a real trooper and professionally endured the massive strobe power we threw at her. In fact, this image was shot in bright daylight, while I pulled a heavy key shift to create the nightly feel. I underexposed the background by 5 stops and compensated the Elinchrom strobes accordingly.  I had one bare strobe head sitting in the hole in the ground in front of Chantal and large softbox to her right.

The location was the backyard of a friendly farmer in Germany. Besides his farming business he runs a holiday lodge which overlooks the location. While I was digging the hole the night before, all of his guests were standing on the balcony watching me. Until the shoot the next day, conspiracy theories about the strange proceedings went haywire. Dead dog, treasure hunt and terror attack were among them…

At the end of the day it’s a seemingly innocent picture about planting new and exciting things in the secrecy of the night.

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Simple still works…

Last Saturday we went out into the sun flooded fields with Rae for some portraiture work. As usual I had my fellow Elinchrom Ranger, two strobe heads and modifiers with me…

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One Strobe Fashion Shoot

Just stumbled upon this little behind the scenes clip from UK fashion photographer Steve Howdle. It’s taken out of a BBC News piece and can be viewed through their player here.

From the looks of it Mr Howdle is using one single strobe mixed in with the sun. (An Elinchrom beauty dish with a FreeLite powered by a Ranger RX pack.) On the other I hand I keep hearing more and more stories of photogs renting 40+ strobes for the single purpose of impressing clients, while 80% of the gear just stands around… not even firing. Nice to see that it can work the other way around too!

I just love these things as they always hint towards the working approach of other artists. I’m hoping to post some video footage of my shoots in the near future as well… stay tuned.

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