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Two for Monika

A little while back I wrote a few things about “empty spaces” and them being photographed (here). My gallerist Monika Wertheimer wrote to me how much she enjoyed the images I posted there, so I decided to wander down that path a bit more…

So this one is for Monika:

Unique Airport, Gate E in Zürich. I was en route to Hamburg and waiting for my (delayed) flight. Early in the morning the fog was coushioning the tarmat and I gave it shot. I like it. Different from my usual work… but still.

Another one from the same morning at Gate E in Zürich. A little creepy… like the fins of sharks, lurking in the fog. Creepier still, was the announcement once we boarded the plane: “We apologize for the delay, but the aircraft suffered some technical problems. We didn’t have time to test the repairs until just now, thus delaying the boarding procedure. The captain and his team wish you a pleasant flight.”

It was a fun trip…

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The Amsterdam Getaway

Last weekend me and my beloved girlfriend went for a short getaway to Amsterdam. We’ve both been there a couple of times on various occasions before and it seemed like the perfect place to forget the world for a couple of days…

We stayed clear of all the usual tourist attractions, museums with endless lines at the box office, Italian restaurants blatently offering a Tourist Menu for €19.99 (yikes!!!). Instead we drank a lot of Dutch beer and walked the city, through the bad and the good districts, had a look at all the little things. I was actually kind of hyped to take another shot at street photography and once again realized that it just isn’t my part of the game. I missed my lights and the Ranger unit… Each to his own I suppose. So I resigned to some cheesy Kodak Moments and clichée shots of Amsterdam. Below are a few…

Might do well on a postcard perhaps…

Classic A’dam bycicle on bridge shot… mind you, without the bridge in frame :-)
More after the jump!

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