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I spent the last few days working on a new and more recognizable look for my website. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time. But between all the projects of past few months (read: years) it’s hard to find that kind of time. First up I created a new color scheme for the site. It used be lots of shades of gray and I felt a little more color would be in order. I chose a combination of petrol and orange with light grey backgrounds for the imagery. A great help in finding the color scheme was Color Lovers - a site as simple as it is brilliant: It’s dedicated to nothing but the combination of colors. Have look, I ended up spending hours looking at color swatches!

Working on the back end of my site, I took the opportunity to completely re-arrange all the galleries and add new ones. For the first time now, the entire body of my series GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG is now available - have a look!

When all was done I realized that my logo, was still dull and grey and generally looking very outdated:

old logo

I started dabbling in Adobe Illustrator, trying to build a new logo. But after all I’m a photographer, not a logo designer. This is when I suddenly remembered that I had met a young designer on my Twitter some time ago. Her name is Carolin aka Royal Nightmare, based in Hamburg, Germany.

i don’t rebel to sell… by ~royal-nightmare on deviantART

So the real beauty of social networking kicked in. We quickly connected via Twitter and bounced ideas around. Carolin got to work and by the end of the day I had 12 (!!!) different and ingenious logo designs in my mailbox! We both agreed that this one was it:

The new logo, designed by Caroline

Quite the difference, wouldn’t you agree?! Carolin did a great job and I can’t say thanx enough! make sure to check out what else she is doing: and follow her very entertaining Twitter

I can’t wait for the new business cards to arrive! For the time being check out my brand spanking new site, with new logo and of course loads of new images!

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