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Today I feel like new things need to begin, so it seems more than appropriate to present another one from the series GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG (Faith, Love, Hope). It is entitled GEBURT (Birth).

Chantal, our six year old model for this image, was a real trooper and professionally endured the massive strobe power we threw at her. In fact, this image was shot in bright daylight, while I pulled a heavy key shift to create the nightly feel. I underexposed the background by 5 stops and compensated the Elinchrom strobes accordingly.  I had one bare strobe head sitting in the hole in the ground in front of Chantal and large softbox to her right.

The location was the backyard of a friendly farmer in Germany. Besides his farming business he runs a holiday lodge which overlooks the location. While I was digging the hole the night before, all of his guests were standing on the balcony watching me. Until the shoot the next day, conspiracy theories about the strange proceedings went haywire. Dead dog, treasure hunt and terror attack were among them…

At the end of the day it’s a seemingly innocent picture about planting new and exciting things in the secrecy of the night.

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Behind the Scenes of “GLAUBE”

My new show GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG (Faith, Love, Hope) has finally opened last weekend (Details here and here) and I am very happy how well it was received! As promised in my last post I will be sharing a lot of background info and BTS video from the shoots involved in the production. The project itself derives it’s title from three principal images. Today we will start with a closer look at the creation of GLAUBE (Faith).

It all started back in November 2008, when we set out on a beautiful autumn day to create the image above. In facty it started a lot earlier than that, because the planning and pre-production for this one took almost two months. And as the title of the image suggests, quite a bit of it had to do with keeping the faith…

(Keep on reading + video after the break)

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GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG - Grand Opening Tonight!

It has been a little quiet around the blog for a while. I have been working full throttle on my new exhibition entitled GLAUBE | LIEBER | HOFFNUNG (Faith, Love, Hope) which will open tonight at Galerie Monika Wertheimer, Switzerland.

Faith, Love and Hope are the atoms of human existence. Everything we feel, do and think is ultimately driven by one or all of these sentiments. The original combination of these terms derives from age old religious concepts and was intended as a guidance to humanity. But humanity is not quite as simple and thankfully much more complex. Faith can misguide us, love can blind and bind us and hope sometimes does die. Join me in a visual exploration of the human condition!

Above is one of three principal images from the project, entitled “GLAUBE” (Faith). In the weeks to come I’ll be feeding the blog with a lot of background info and behind the scenes videos from the creation of these images - so stay tuned!

The grand opening will start tonight (31 October, 2009) at 5pm. The exhibition will be on display through 6 December 2009.

More to come…

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