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Nicolas Henri goes Web 2.0

… or something like that. In any case it was about time to get my website updated. A new sleek look, many new features and most importantly: user friendly!

You can now view my work huge (optimized for 23-inch Apple Cinema Displays) and use accordingly big thumbnails to navigate. Actually there are two more ways to move across my galleries but you’ll find out about that at your next visit.

And this is how gorgeous it looks:

And the good stuff keeps coming! Email your favourite images to your editor in chief, colleague or friend straight from the site. Access in an optimized version from your iPhone! (How cool is that?!!) When browsing on your iPhone you will automatically be redirected to the iPhone version of my site and save yourself the hassle of zooming in to hit links and zooming out to see anything (you know what I mean) and still have full access to everything.

And of course there is some new material to be seen as well!

Can you resist?

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