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Today just a quick post with an image I finishied this morning.

It was part of a shoot from last year for my exhibition GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG. A different, let’s say somewhat more subtle image made the cut back than. But me and the amazingly talented model André Sommerfeld had such a fun time shooting this, it would have been a pitty if this didn’t see the light of day.

Happy Weekend!

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Stereoscopic 3D is taking the entertainment industry by storm. While HDTV took a good while to establish itself in peoples homes, 3D hit us within the last 12 months, out of the blue and it’s happening NOW! In Switzerland, the “3D Dudes” (they like being called that) at are at the forefront of stereo 3D production. They asked me to help them create a guerilla campaign for their 3D activities. While the technology behind 3D is very digital and relatively complex, we decided that we needed to disembody the visuals from the technicalities and create a character to emotionalize the whole thing: “Pablo 3D” was born!

Pablo 3D has arrived

Pablo 3D has arrived!

“Pablo 3D” is the all-knowing, omnipotent king of Stereo 3D. He won’t bore you with nerdy talk, he just wants to bring great 3D to humanity and do a little disco while he’s at it! With André Sommerfeld we found the perfect model/actor for Pablo! I’ve seldom seen talent be so in sync with their character before: André is pure Rock n’ Roll… or Salsa in this case!

For the above image we shot at Zürich Airport. After passing the extensive security procedures necessary to shoot within the secure areas of the airport, all the good fun started! A 747 of Indian tourists had just landed and they were immediately in love with Pablo, wanting to take photos and get autographs. It appears they thought he was a local celebrity… we happily played along!

"No you're not drunk! Pablo is 3D!"

For the next image in the campaign, we shot at Zürich’s deluxe cinema Pathé. Obviously the image is comped from two exposures. I had never shot in a cinema and was a little worried about lighting a dark pit. But as we walked in I realized that I had the mother of all fill reflectors at my fingertips! I aimed one of my Ranger heads at the giant screen, which gave me wonderful base light in seconds. I accentuated Pablo with a large Elinchrom octabank from the left, giving me enough light for both exposures without having to move the light and avoiding consequent problems while compositing the two shots. The backlight from the far end of the theater also served as an imitation of the projector in the back. We worked fast and smooth, in and out of the location within two hours! Pablo style I guess!

Of course my assistant Monica, also shot some BTS of the day! As you will see, we had about as much fun as one can have on a shoot:

NICOLAS HENRI: PABLO 3D - Behind The Scenes from Nicolas Henri on Vimeo.

For the last image in the campaign we moved to a back alley location in Zürich to work out Pablo sleazy side: After all his character was designed with an 80ies-Miami-Vice-meets-Columbian-drug-dealer in mind. Only he deals all flavors of 3D glasses!

"Pablo deals 3D for you!"

"Pablo deals 3D for you!"

Now, you may ask “Why are they shooting a campaign for 3D in 2D”? Well, we thought the same thing! While these images will be featured on postcards, brochures, etc. we already moved along and shot a short film with Pablo. And of course we shot it in stereoscopic 3D! It’s in post production as we speak and I’ll spill all the details right here once it’s done!

In the meantime show Pablo a little love and become a fan of him here or ask him any question about 3D on his Twitter!

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I finally got around to edit some of the behind the scenes footage from the shoot for LIEBE (Love), which was one of three principal images of my latest project GLAUBE | LIEBE | HOFFNUNG (Faith, Love, Hope). As it was the case with the other images in the show, I took the term “love” a step further, expressing what usually happens when humans are in love. In essence, it is a constant fight. A fight for yourself, a fight for the other one or a battle for the both of you. So the subtitle of this one is: “The Battle of the Hearts”



We shot this in June 2009 at an old warehouse in the harbor of Basel. Once again the Zurich based agency FOTOGEN provided us with two very talented models for this story. Sarah and Zacharias were a blast to work with! Also on set we had Thierry Leyva acting as my fellow assistant. And very importantly on this one: Fräulein Scharlach who did all of the SFX make up.

More juicy details and a behind the scenes video after the jump!

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