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Nicolas Henri goes T-Online


Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s foremost communications corporation, recently launched a new online photography magazine called Augenblicke.  Affiliated with T-Online, their prominent web platform, Augenblicke features news from the photographic community and the portfolios of contemporary and emerging photographers around the world. I was very honored when I was approached by the PE of Augenblicke to have an excerpt of my portfolio shown! It went online last night - have a look here!

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I spent the weekend re-editing my portfolio. Redux is the key in this process. You need to throw out anything, which you have the slightest doubt about… that of course, when editing your own work tends to leave you with an empty portfolio… and if it doesn’t… well you’ve got a problem at hand in any case!

After throwing out a lot of stuff - killing three entire sections in fact - and reducing all the remaining galleries to the bare essence, I decided to browse the archives for the off chance of a hidden gem. Any photographer has them… those hidden folders, secured deeply on some external hard drive… just waiting to be rediscovered or dismissed forever. A few minutes into the process I stumbled upon this:

“The Whispering Hedge” is what I called the file years ago. I was happy to see it again as it comes from a very different time of my photographic career…  a simpler time… shot “only” with available light. It was taken during my first exhibition which I shared with Jakob Krattiger, a truly gifted painter. We were trying to combine photography with painting in a thematic exhibition. That day we were hanging out at the gallery, waiting for people to come streaming in… they didn’t. So we decided to go take some pictures… it was as simple as that. Years later I look at it and it sparks new ideas. Prehaps these ideas will make it into my coming exhibition…

A few hours later another one pops out of the archives:

“In An Hour Darkly” reads the file name. Perhaps it was a dark hour, perhaps not so much. This one used to be in my portfolio in the very first installment of my website. This is very early stuff from when I first fell in love with cameras. Available light again (I knew nothing of strobes back then!). It was taken inside of a gigantic, modern sculpture made of steel walls in my home town. The actual model I was shooting is the lady out of focus in the back. The girl in front was her companion, making sure no weird business was going on with this strange bearded photogropher… At some point I asked her to come into the shot because she was just standing by, looking terribly bored. This turned out to be the best shot of the set.

Both these shots are back in my official portfolio now. Have a look here, along with some other new stuff!

Perhaps I took them into the new portfolio because they remind me of what photography can also be: As simple as a click in a moment of inspiration. Nothing more, nothing less!

And now it’s time to have a glimpse into your archives! Connect those hard drives and delve into your photographic past. Send in your archived and forgotten gems to and I will show them in an upcoming post! I am more than curious what you have in store for me!

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Slideshow: New Fashion Portfolio

Today I felt like putting together an online portfolio of my latest fashion work. So how do I go about that? The idea of a slideshow came to mind. I was curious to find out what I could do with slideshows from flickr and see if there’s a better way yet. After all I want this puppy to do a bunch of things for me:

  • Smooth reliable playback! It just needs to work and look good, or it’ll do no good for me.
  • Embed code! After all I’ll want this to be posted in as many places as possible.
  • Linkage! I’d like to link back to my website, when someone clicks on an image or the player.
  • Updates! I might just want to add images, even though the slideshow is out and playing on various sites.

So I started with my flickr account, created an album, added my latest fashion images and defined the running order. Pretty easy, takes a few minutes. Hit the slideshow button, pick up the embed code and here we go:

Looks pretty good. Even has some navigation. But it only links back to my flickr account and no way to have it link to my site, which I’d much prefer! And sadly there is no embed code to be obtained externally, so no one else can host it on their site, blog, facebook, etc. There’s only a regular link, which won’t launch the slideshow player.

On the plus side however, I can update the album on my flickr account and the changes will filter back to all the places where this is published. Very cool!

Next up was, which also allows you to draw from your flickr account - or upload manually if you don’t have one. It was fairly easy to drag & drop from my previously created flickr album and create the slideshow in a web 2.0 type interface, which includes a timeline to organize the photos in. Here it goes:

Make a Free Flash Slideshow

Click on the images and it’ll take you to my site - good stuff! But still no external embed code for sharing… And no dynamic updating of the content. Plus the player is pretty small to my taste. However, Slideroll offers a free application to download and convert your existing slideshow into a physical movie. This can then be uploaded to YouTube:

Now the YouTube Version can be picked up and embedded elsewhere by anybody. But quality is poor and again no linkage to my main site. Plus the whole process of creating and then rendering out a movie file to then be uploaded to YouTube is a little cumbersome.

I found a few more slide making applications and services, all of which seem to do the same or less than the few options outlined above. Any of you have a link or idea to share on how to make the perfect online slideshow? Hit me in the comments with your suggestions!!!

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