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RoyalBLUSH - Post Production

In the first part of the coverage on the RoyalBLUSH production, I talked about the shoot and the lighting technique. Now let’s have a look at the post processing and retouching.

We had a very tight schedule to shoot and process with only a few days to get everything printed up for a show at GREENshowroom in Berlin. So I had to find a way to speed up the retouching on the 9 images which the client selected. As you may know a regular retouching process on a fashion image can easily consume a day’s work or more. Clearly we did not have this kind of time here. So I decided to work exclusively in Adobe Lightroom 2 and see what I can achieve using only this single powerful tool. I figured I could still take the shots into Photoshop if things wouldn’t come to a satisfactory result… But let’s start at the beginning!

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Retouching Process

I just finished retouching this image and decided to show you a quick tour of the process… Make sure to watch the HD version in order to see some detail…enjoy!

Retouching Process from Nicolas Henri on Vimeo.

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